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Hello... We are Attila and Sarah

Creators, Makers, Movers & Shakers of Oxalise.


A fusion born from a love of nature, a passion for art and a mission to inspire people to live healthier, happier lives.

We believe in the power of art and plants to create harmonious and healthy living and working spaces. We are inspired by colours and forms from the British Isles


Hungarian ice sculptor and ceramicist.

Owner of Altar Pottery communal studio and progressive ceramic school.

Loves: nature, poetry, science fiction

Addicted to: cookies & chocolate croissants

Interesting facts: worked on an ice installation for Game of Thrones, lived in Catalunya studying under Claudi Cassanovas ceramic sculptor


Welsh visual artist. Teacher and encourager, mental health, conservation, commissions, drawing and painting.

Loves: nature, yoga, wild swimming, long distance walking, foraging, permaculture, cooking vegan food

Addicted to: strong black coffee & peanut butter

Interesting facts: lived in Barbados, studied in Barcelona, walked the Camino del Norte.


Long haired ginger pusskin, feline mini lion, adorer of adoration

Loves: belly rubs, snuggling, watching birds 

Addicted to: dreamies, pukka mint tea bags, snuggles

Interesting facts: she is a rescue cat, female ginger cats aren't very common.

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