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Neo is a stylish indoor planter that makes an ideal home for those plants with low water needs.


This exciting self watering design makes it easy to keep your plant babies happy. Created with a catch tray and supplied with a wick, this technique of watering allows your plant to self govern how much water they need and reduces loss of nutrients from the soil which can happen with top watering.  A fantastic design for beginners, helping people develop green fingers and gain confidence in keeping plants. Could this be your gateway into a greener world?


These designs are inspired by mindful practises, following the traditions of Enso painting and zen art. Hand painted in small batches, the process  of mindfulness and breathing is integral to each unique finished piece. Deep breath in with brush poised, pause… and then long breath out as the hand moves, capturing a moment when the mind is free for the body to create. This focused way of making is translated into the marks, living designs that capture a moment of creation, an invitation for your mind to rest.


Inspired by the ancient practise of Enso painting, completing the circle with an exhale. This design encourages moments of mindfulness, a beautiful home for your plant with the invitation to relax, breathe and  focus.


Inspired by the feeling of peace found in simplicity, with one breath the zen mark is formed. A  stylish pot for your green buddies, inviting calm and simplicity into your life.


Created from a love of natural forms, each mark follows the breath as it is made. Encourage moments of serenity into your day, celebrating your green friends with this modern design.


Unique Glazes hand mixed in our studio in Liverpool. Inspired by the colours and forms of the British Isles

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