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We want to help to encourage people to have more plants in their lives – we believe in the power of art and plants to create beautiful and healthy living and working environments.



We know that biodiversity is important for the planet, we believe it is important for human habitats too. We know that nature is good for us – plants generate oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide but more than that – they bring nature into our homes and work spaces. These living beings grow and move, responding to our nurture and care, we can watch each plant with its own unique way of growing and responding to the world. Inviting this into our lives, we feel, forms a connection, a greater appreciation of the natural world, striking a core within humans and our need for nature as healer and a tonic to the modern world.


  • Spending time with nature helps to reduce stress and to feel a sense of wellbeing.

  • Nature has therapeutic powers that can help you feel calmer and happier.

  • With the World Health Organisation (2013) stating that within 30 years 70% of the worlds human population will live in cities, we believe in the importance of creating a domestic jungle of our own,  reconnecting ourselves with nature.

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